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Lezyne STVZO eBike Taillight

Fender Mount


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  • Model: StVZO eBike Tailight
  • Brand: Lezyne
  • SKU #: LT1542
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1-LED-ERFNDST-V1
  • UPC: 4712805997787
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German StVZO optimized lens with wide light spread. Two high output LEDs provide 12 lumens.

  • E-bike compatible (6v input, 0.4w / 12v input 0.8w) easily plugs into batteries from top makers including Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha
  • Stainless Allen key hardware and 130cm long power cable included. 50 and 80mm mount spacing
  • IPX7 water resistant rating
  • Peak amp draw of 0.1A at 6v, 0.1A at 12v

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