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The Hope brake hose kit can be easily cut with any good quality cable cutters, and it comes with new and reusable fittings. In extremely high-temperature conditions, the hose does not allow expansion, which transfers all the braking power from the lever to the caliper.

The Hope hydraulic disc brake hose kit will fit all Hope hydraulic disc brakes, and you’ll need it if your hydraulic disc brake is leaking. For the best braking performance, it’s imperative that your brake line is clear of moisture.

Strong Mountain Bike Disc Brake Hose

It’s also an extremely tough, flexible hose. The kit includes fittings for all Hope brakes, so it works with most Hope models, and there’s enough hose for either a front or rear brake.

Reasons to Buy:

  1. Quick and easy to install.
  2. All the fittings needed for your Hope hydraulic disc brake.
  3. Durable, reliable construction.


  1. Hope’s hose is braided and Teflon coated for maximum wear resistance and protection against external corrosion.
  2. Includes various aluminium and stainless steel fittings
  3. Compatible with most of Hope’s hydraulic discs brakes
  4. Hope sells these in one-kit-per-brake quantities
  5. Buy Hope Components from The-LBS, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.


  1. Colour: Silver, Black
  2. Size: Braided Hose – Front or Rear, 5mm Hose – Front or Rear