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You have come to the right place if you need a new MISC. Brake Spare. Check out our new MISC. Brake Spare that is designed with a wider braking surface to be used as a replacement on many other braking systems. The new discs are expected to perform better than our old ones. Hope MISC. Brake Spares are a type of brake disk that is designed to increase the braking capacity of your vehicle. Our new design gives you more control over the direction of your vehicle when braking with the Hope MISC. Brake Spare. 

The available MISC. Brake Spares are:-

  1. 90 Deg Conn suit 5mm and S.S Hose
  2. Brass Insert – Suit 5mm Hose
  3. Copper Washer (Suit Brass Insert) 10 Off
  4. Grub Screw Dog Point M4 X 5mm
  5. Hydraulic Oil Dot 5:1 Brake Fluid
  6. M6 Sealing Washer (10Off)
  7. M6 Straight Conn. (Suit 5mm & S.S. Hose)
  8. Olive – Suit 5mm Hose
  9. Shroud – 5mm Black Hose
  10. Shroud – Suit Braided Hose


  • Hope shroud to fit connector with Hope braided brake hose
  • Each order includes one shroud
  • New design with a wider braking surface to make them more compatible with other companies brakes
  • Different bolt fixings are available to fit a wide range of hub designs

This is the perfect time to invest into Hope MISC. Brake Spare. The LBS has been providing original quality of Hope MISC. Brake Spare for years, and we also have a Full manufacturer’s warranty.