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Master Cylinder:

Master Cylinder is a genuine Hope part for your Tech 3 hydraulic disc brakes. It’s also ideally suited to replace your old or worn-out existing models for improved stopping power and control.

Tech 3 Duo Master Cylinder:

The Tech 3 Duo is designed as a two-in-one brake that lets you use both brakes at the same time.

Whether you are using the Tech 3 Duo due to a physical handicap (check out mountain biker Tom Wheeler) or want a different way to mix things up, The Tech 3 Duo brakes offer the exact same crisp and precise actuation Hope brakes are known and praised for.

By default, the longer blade will operate the rear brake, and the shorter blade will operate the front brake. These however can be switched around with a simple hose swap and bleed.

Trial Zone Master Cylinder:

In the world of trials disc brakes, Hope Trial Zone is the reference! Many top competition and street riders prefer this disc brake. The brakes are lighter than traditional mechanical discs and have smoother, more predictable modulation.

The lever is CNC machined from solid billets of aluminum alloy 2014 T6 aircraft specification, giving it a smooth, progressive feel and power. The brake master cylinder delivers the appropriate brake pressure to the caliper while maintaining a solid and positive feel. Fits and removes easily with a split clamp lever. An allen key can be used to adjust the reach of the lever.


  • CNC-machined Aluminium
  • Sealed fluid housing
  • Genuine Hope part
  • Complete master cylinder assembly
  • 2 independent circuits for safe operation
  • Left hand, Right-Hand options are available
  • Include complete Master Cylinder with fittings.
  • Sold Individually


  • Colour: Silver, Black, Purple, Blue, Red, Orange
  • Size: Right, Left