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Lever Blades:

The brake lever for Hope Tech 3 brake systems is a super light CNC milled brake lever in the typical HOPE Eloxial colors with the typical milling marks. This lever fits perfectly with the HOPE disc brakes and can optically tune your bike with its various colors.

Hope brake levers are universally suitable for left- and right-handed riders. They feature laser-engraved lettering that is readable on both sides. Additional accessories, such as screws, are not included.

Description and materials

In this page, we give you an overview of the Hope Lever Blade, including its materials and features.

  • High-quality Hope CNC lever blade is specifically designed to fit Hope disc brake levers.
  • CNC-machined from high-quality, ultra-light 2014-T6 aluminum alloy.
  • An ergonomic design with round, smooth edges provides unsurpassed comfort.
  • A round hole is drilled in the finger area, which helps save weight and improve grip.
  • For a more powerful and stiffer feel, the 2-finger size (75mm long) is ideal.
  • Sold singly.


  • Tech Master Cylinder Lever Blade
  • Fits Hope Tech Levers
  • Sold Individually per blade

Dimensions of Lever Blades:

  • Length: 75mm
  • Barrel diameter: 5mm x 22.8mm deep
  • Weight according to manufacturer: n / a

Available Colour:

  • Black and Red