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Brake mounts from Hope Tech are CNC machined for a precise fit on most frames and forks. It can be very difficult to align calipers with some cheaper mounts that aren’t perfectly machined. In the end, it’s worth spending a few extra pounds on properly machined mounts so you get the most out of your brakes.

Brake mounts are available from Hope in an astonishing variety! If you’re having trouble finding the product images (where we have them), you can email us a clear picture of the frame or fork you’re mounting your brakes to, along with the make, model, and a photo of the brakes.

The mounts are manufactured in T6 2014 alloy, come with bolts and most are silver or black in color.

Brake Mounts Tech Specs:-

  • A wide range of caliper mounts are available to fit perfectly with our brake systems
  • Almost all of our mounts are available in black or silver
  • The brake mounts are made of T6 2014 alloy
  • The brackets were designed exclusively for the purpose stated
  • Bolts are supplied with all mounts for mounting to frames or forks
  • For 74mm Post Mount forks, HBSM20H allows International Standard calipers to be mounted, but it also requires a disc that is 20mm wider. NOTE: The Post Mount Marzocchi forks are not compatible with this product
  • Our International Standard fittings come in two versions-HBIS20- which lifts the caliper to allow for a 20mm larger disc; and HBIS40- which lifts the caliper to allow for a 40mm larger disc.
  • Flatmount standard: Mounts are available for Flatmount front 160mm and Flatmount rear 160mm.
  • The weight is from 20g

Key Features:-

  • Bolts are included for attaching the mounts to the fork/frame
  • Several options to suit most combinations
  • The aluminum is CNC-machined
  • The mounts are available in rotor sizes ranging between 140mm and 220mm.
  • Both black and silver options are available

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