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Hope Shift Mounts are the perfect solution for those who want to mount a Hope brake lever on a Hope handlebar. It helps to keep your handlebar setup looking neat and integrate your controls better ergonomically.

In order to keep your cockpit looking good, you’ll need this adaptor if you’re running Hope Tech 3 disc brakes with higher-end SRAM shifters. This product will allow you to leave more space on your mountain bike’s handlebars by combining your lever with a range of SRAM shifters.

With a variety of shifter mount adapters for SRAM and Shimano, you can keep your control area looking neat and tidy.

Shifter Mounts Tech Specs:-

  1. The shifter mount adapter is available for both Shimano and Sram
  2. Our Tech 4 levers are compatible with our shifter mounts
  3. For a single ring setup, shifter mounts can be ordered in pairs or singles
  4. All shifter mounts are beautifully machined in-house from a solid billet of aluminium
  5. CNC-machined aluminium
  6. Hope Tech 3 is the only compatible lever
  7. Keeps bars neat and clean
  8. Black and silver options are available

Reasons to Buy:-

  1. The appearance is cleaner.
  2. This frees up valuable handlebar space

Mounting (choose variant):-

  1. left
  2. right


  1. Black
  2. Silver
  3. Purple