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Disc Lockrings: 

Disc Lockrings is the Hope’s CNC machined that are designed for use with the center-lock rotor. It also works with other manufacturer’s rotors.

It is manufactured using the highest quality materials and precision CNC machinery to ensure the best results. The center-lock rotor is a proven design that has been used for years and will continue to be used as the industry standard. Our Lockring kits contain all the components needed to complete the installation.

Disc Lockrings are the perfect way to protect your expensive bike wheels and gears. These lockrings are made from high-quality machined aluminum that is designed for use with center-lock rotors but also works with other manufacturers rotors. The Disc Lockring is easy to install and will fit on any size disc brake rotor.

In the DIsc Lockrings standard, the lockring is clearly an essential component. Various colors are available to match Hope’s own centre-lock rotors, hubs, and RX4 callipers. Hope’s lockrings are available in red, orange, blue, purple, black, and silver.

Disc Lockrings are for cyclists who want a little more color on their bikes without spending a fortune.

Hope says: “This Lockring is designed for use with our Centerlock rotors. It is also compatible with rotors from other manufacturers.”

Key Features:

  1. CNC machined
  2. For use with axles up to 15mm
  3. Available in six colours