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Hope Seal Kit

Hope Brake seal kit is a brand new Hope product. It is an  Authentic Hope product, not after-market part. Full manufacturer’s warranty.

There are a variety of disc brake seal kits available to complement Hope’s most popular mountain bike hydraulic disc brakes. Each kit includes all you need to refresh your brake system’s performance. New seals can help your brake pads work better and ensure that they won’t contaminate your brake fluid.

Reasons to Buy:

  1. Best manufacturer product
  2. Comes complete with all you need to refresh your caliper’s performance.
  3. Your brakes will perform at their best.
  4. Prevents any fluid loss from contaminating your brake pads.
  5. It’s compatible with the hope brake series: C2, Enduro 4 (Old E4), 2002 M4 (Old), 2002 Mini (Old), Mono 6, 2004 Mono M4 (Old), 2013 M4 and E4 (Current), 2004 Mono Mini (Old), Mono T


  1. Includes all seals for one Hope disc brake caliper
  2. Includes:
    1. Pistons seals
    2. Bleed plug
    3. o-ring and cover



  1. Tech M4 & 2013 E4 Caliper,
  2. Trial Zone Caliper,
  3. Mono Trial Caliper,
  4. V4 Caliper,
  5. E4 – Enduro 2003,
  6. Mono Mini Caliper,
  7. X2 Caliper,
  8. Mono M4 Caliper,
  9. M4,
  10. Mini,
  11. Sport Master Cylinder,
  12. Tech/Tech EVO Master Cylinder,


  1. Black