Hope Technology


Founded in 1989, Hope Technology manufactures high-quality cycling components. Hope Technology, based in Lancashire, England, was founded in 1989 by Ian Weatherill and Simon Sharp. With its innovative and reliable products, Hope Technology has gained a strong reputation.


At first, the company developed aftermarket parts for disc brakes and hubs, catering to the growing mountain biking market. Throughout the years, Hope Technology expanded its product range to include components and accessories for both mountain bikes and road bikes.


It is known for its commitment to precision engineering and craftsmanship. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and skilled technicians and engineers, Hope Technology designs and manufactures its products in-house. By integrating vertically, they are able to ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability in their products.


The product lineup of Hope Technology includes disc brake systems, brake calipers, brake rotors, brake pads, hubs, bottom brackets, headsets, stems, seat clamps, and more. In addition to their durability and attention to detail, their components are known for their ability to withstand rigorous cycling disciplines.


Aside from producing quality products, Hope Technology places a great deal of emphasis on providing excellent customer service and support to their customers. To ensure that cyclists receive the necessary guidance and support when selecting, installing, and maintaining their products, they strive to provide excellent pre-sales and after-sales assistance.


With their components widely used and trusted by professional athletes, enthusiasts, and bike manufacturers alike, Hope Technology has established a strong presence in the global cycling community. As a result of their commitment to quality, performance, and innovation, they have gained loyal customers and numerous industry awards


Hope Technology invests in research and development to keep up with technological advances and continue pushing the boundaries of cycling components. They actively collaborate with riders, teams, and industry experts to gather feedback and refine their products, incorporating the latest advancements and trends in cycling.


Overall, Hope Technology is recognized as a leading manufacturer of top-tier components for cycling enthusiasts looking for reliability, performance, and quality. As a cycling industry leader, Hope Technology maintains a high level of commitment to excellence and passion for the sport.