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PDW Kepler

E-Bike Headlight


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  • Model: Kepler E-Bike Headlight
  • Brand: PDW
  • SKU #: LT4504
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 454
  • UPC: 812938014543
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The PDW Kepler E-Bike Headlight works with any 6V-15V e-bike system, and comes packed with 350 lumens, and a sturdy stainless steel fork mount. The Kepler E-bike Headlight comes equipped with a Bosch friendly plug pre-installed for quick attachment to any Bosch e-bike system. For other e-bike installations the Bosch plug can simply be clipped off, and the light functions just the same directly wired up.

  • Works with 6-15v systems
  • Mounts to fork crown with steel bracket
  • Features a cut-off beam to not blind oncoming riders

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