Top 14 bad habits you should cut to avoid disaster in your mountain bike ride!

There’s nothing better than a road trip, is there? There are many fantastic mountain biking destinations, especially on a road trip. It doesn’t matter whether you head to the loamy trails of the Pacific Northwest or somewhere around the closest goal; riding a mountain bike on a road trip is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

It’s easy to run into unforeseen obstacles during road trips, and epic disasters on the road aren’t fun. And where does the disaster start from?

Whether we ride our mountain bikes or not, we all have bad habits. A lot of bad habits are formed when you start riding. You learn the rules of the trails and the techniques you need to stay upright in time, and slowly it indeed starts to disappear.

The only way to learn is through experience. The following are some of the worst mountain bike habits you should ditch as soon as possible.

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Top 14 bad habits you should surely avoid

We all develop certain cycling habits that either negatively affect the performance. The situation is relatable with our fellow road users, cyclists, and non-cyclists, regardless of our level or experience.

So how do we break these habits? Is it possible to break them, and if so, how? Let’s see what you can do to avoid falling into some of the most common trends. Here are the 14 habits you need to avoid causing disaster

#1. When climbing, incorrectly using gears

A common habit is to gear up too much or too little for a climb. You will find your progress very slow if you push the ratio too hard. Joint pain may result from this. The flip side is that you may unnecessarily spin out and waste energy if you are too low. Suppose you anticipate a climb, gear down a little, but not a lot. Find a rhythm that feels comfortable and consistent with your body.

#2. Taking a stand in the middle of the trail

Getting off the trail as quickly as possible is one of the most sacred rules of trail etiquette. Initially, you might not see this clearly, but it becomes evident soon after you start riding.

In addition to having to dodge a bike going whatever-many kph on short notice, stopping in the middle of the trail puts other riders in danger.

#3. An out-of-knee ride

You may ride with your knees slightly out if your saddle is unstable or your pedals and cleats are loose. It doesn’t look good. By properly fitting your bike, you will be able to resolve these issues. You will also improve your riding style and form as a result of changing your habits.

#4. Maintaining a competitive edge with “That Guy.”

Most of us know someone who is always on the go and can ride anything. As a result, you’ll end up bonking or wrecking, knowing that you shouldn’t have done that because you were chasing them up that climb…off that drop. Ride your ride, never someone else’s. When you challenge yourself and push your fitness and capabilities, make sure you do everything on your terms.

When you challenge yourself and push your fitness and capabilities, make sure you do everything on your terms.

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#5. Keeping the uphill going

First-time cyclists often avoid bumpy sections on their routes and ride on the flat too much. Although taking on one of the USA’s Hardest Climbs on your first ride is not a good idea, you’ll improve your recovery times, and power output, including climbs, will make you a better cyclist. As you climb the ladder, start with short and shallow hills until riding uphill is fun.

#6. The violation of the law

A cyclist’s image can be tarnished when they break traffic laws, intentionally or unintentionally. Road users become irate when other road users ride through red lights.

The consequences of riding recklessly are serious, and angering someone in a motorized metal box isn’t worth it. It’s essential to refresh your knowledge of the highway code, especially if you commute when the roads are busiest. You can learn cycling-specific road rules on club rides, but it’s also essential to refresh your knowledge of the traffic code.

#7. Crawling with every turn

In this case, we’re not talking about getting you off your bike and crawling around – you should seek help. Often, people over-brake in turns which is indeed a very bad habit. Taking this turn is one of the quickest ways to crash and lose all your momentum. So take a slow turn instead of bumping it loud and unexpectedly onto something that can injure you.

#8. Not wearing a helmet while riding

Here, we aren’t talking about crawling around berms physically – though you should probably seek assistance if you are doing that. It is common for a lot of people to over-brake when turning. The easiest way to crash is to accelerate into the corner and lose momentum.

There’s maybe less of this now than there used to be. Most budding riders will stick a helmet on before getting on their rig now – most likely because a helmet can make you feel more secure, and in an emergency, it can even save your life. Most beginners don’t wear helmets, perhaps because they consider mountain biking a form of transportation without needing a helmet.

#9. Neglecting your bike maintenance

When someone forgets something, they fail to remember it. It is actually ‘not doing something out of laziness’ that counts as forgetting in this context.

Sadly, the less you spend on bike maintenance, the more it’s likely to cost you over time. Lubing the chain will prevent the chain from making noises on the trail, and having to replace it earlier than usual. It takes more time to fix punctures if your tyres aren’t inflated before riding. Mud on your bike can cause problems if you don’t clean it off after riding.

#10. Forgetting to fuel yourself 

Eating incorrectly when on and off the bike is detrimental to your performance. To recover effectively, fueling is an integral part of your routine. You should keep in mind that branded energy products aren’t suitable for everyone, so if they cause you to get an upset stomach, be sure to steer clear of them. Set yourself a nutrition plan if this habit is a problem for you, and experiment with what works for you.

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#11. Being unable to remember a flat or your tools for fixing it

We all agreed that getting a flat tyre is the most frustrating thing in the world, right? Right. Therefore, it’s crazy that mountain bikers don’t always have the tools to fix one when they ride. At best, you’ll end up waiting by the side of the trail for an extended period, getting lucky and nicking the appropriate tools from a better-prepared rider. At worst? It’s a long walk home. You learn this the hard way.

#12. Trying out new bike trails & getting lost 

If you’re riding a new trial without a guide who has been there, it’s essential to do plenty of research ahead of time. It can be challenging to track where you are since there aren’t always clear signs at home. The chances of this happening today are significantly reduced, but you still don’t want to have to race back to your car after a long night tracking through the woods. Additionally, figuring out where you are taking up much of your riding time.

#13. An excessive amount of skidding

It’s no secret that you develop many bad habits after you start riding, and skidding is one of them. In your childhood, it is the greatest thing in the world. As an adult, it’s…well, it’s still a lot of fun. 

Please don’t overdo it because it tears up trails that either you or others have worked hard to build. It’s okay to skid occasionally, but too much is never good.

In corners, focus on finding the perfect spot between your front and rear brakes, and don’t press too hard on the rear brake if you’re having trouble staying in control. You’ll learn better cornering the more you think about this hotspot, which will be different for each corner. Rather than braking at an intersection, it is better to slow down in the lead-up. So, let’s move on!

#14. Did you forget the Front Wheel?

In most cases, the bike racks you find today don’t require you to remove your front wheel; however, we all know someone (or ourselves) who has done so.

Double-check everything before leaving the house for a ride to ensure you do not forget anything…like your helmet or shoes. When you don’t have everything you need for a ride, it can end before it even begins.

When heading for the trail, ensure every safety precaution is taken so that you don’t get stuck in the tracks. Also, prevent yourself from getting into geeky stunts, which can hurt you. Above all, make sure you have valid insurance while travelling to keep you safe. 


The 5 Best Riding Skills You Can Learn Anywhere!

Most riders perceive mountain biking techniques as a vast and highly complex area that can take years to master. 

Urban streets’ beauty might not match typical mountain bike destinations, but the features you find on trails can be replicated just steps away from your home. Look at these ten bike skills you can start practising today, whether on your morning commute or in your driveway.

Why should you focus on mastering any mountain bike skills?

Skills can generally be defined as our ability to do something well, usually with desirable results. A person must practice, fail, adapt, and eventually become confident before they can master such skills. Don’t forget a healthy dose of humility as well.

In most cases, people don’t come into their talents naturally. Some people are drawn to highly skilled activities such as mountain biking because they enjoy learning and improving.

You will likely see some improvement from where you stand today if you reflect on your first few rides. Have you ever had scars that reminded you of specific experiences?

Our friend has professionally raced mountain bikes for over twenty years and just learned to operate a manual motorcycle. 

His enthusiasm for this new trial skill is contagious, and he resents not learning it sooner. There are always areas of a rider’s skill where they could improve and practice, and confidence issues with some parts of their abilities.

See what you can practice and improve by looking at the skills below. It would be best if you devoted some time to sharpen your axe each ride or once a week.

Mountain biking success doesn’t come from speed and fitness alone. Furthermore, you must possess knowledge, experience, and technical riding abilities.

A significant part of off-road riding is carrying speed through technical sections, climbing steep switchbacks, and negotiating rocks and roots.

In the same way, good handlers can improve their aerobic fitness to become more competent riders. Consider these five things when riding your mountain bike to become a well-rounded rider.


The body position – Explained in detail! 

An essential technique to consider is how you position yourself on the bike. We want to be as prepared as possible to handle obstacles along the trail since it directly impacts how the cycle connects to the ground through the wheels.

The difference between a neutral and a ready body position is crucial.

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The neutral position

 The neutral position is best when riding non-technical trails. Then, you can shift into the ready position quickly for technical terrain, keeping you rolling along efficiently and comfortably. Neutral positions include: 

Keep your eyes about 15 to 20 feet ahead; focus on where you want to go, not what you don’t want to go.

Equally weighted pedals

Elbows and knees bent slightly

When using rim brakes, you should use index fingers on the levers.

The ready position (known as the attack position)

A ready position (sometimes referred to as an attack position) is necessary when the trail gets steeper or rockier. Taking on technical sections of the course starts with the ready position. A ready position consists of:

  • Equivalently weighted pedals
  • Knees and elbows bending deeply (imagine holding chicken wings with your hands turned 90 degrees.)
  • A rear end that is off the seat and hips that are shifted backwards
  • You have nearly parallel ground and a flat back
  • All brake levers must be operated with your index fingers (rim brakes often require two fingers)
  • Keep an eye forward-looking about 15 to 20 feet ahead; keep your gaze forward instead of backwards

The braking – Every skill explained! 

The skill is knowing how to apply brakes. Everyone knows how to brake. You just can’t brake whenever you want when riding off-road. Practice on a trail you are familiar with, so you can get used to your brakes.

The brakes appear simple: squeeze the levers, and the bike slows down. By learning to brake sufficiently, you can make yourself more comfortable and confident on a bike.

  1. Identify your front and rear brakes. The rear brake should skid if the bike is rolled in front of you. If the rear wheel stops (the rear wheel might even bounce up), the front brake should be pulled.
  2. Most of the stopping happens with the front brake, as shown here. Using both brakes simultaneously is recommended for a beginner. However, it is vital to avoid pulling on the front brake too hard, as it is the most powerful.
  3. Be gentle when applying brakes – avoid pulling them hard.
  4. It’s best to brake before technical sections of the trail and then to look for a suitable place to brake afterwards. Don’t brake on specialised areas of the track – go into these sections at the speed you want. You will gain more grip with a rolling wheel than with one that is braking!
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How to Brake? Do you know it? 

The brakes should be controlled and consistent. Your front brake mainly provides braking power, so you’ll fall over the bars if you grab a handful. Please do not slam the brakes hard; apply them gently, evenly, and in both directions.

Squeeze slowly and gently to prevent skidding.

Your hips must move back, your heels should be lowered, and your elbows and knees should be slightly bent while braking. The best way to stay in control on a bike is to place your body in this position, so you don’t lean forward too far.

Handlebar grips should be gripped with your middle and ring fingers if your mountain bike has disc brakes. While riding, you will be able to brake and control yourself effectively. The brake levers on rim brakes require greater force to engage, so try two fingers on them.

When to Brake? Do you know it? 

Let your momentum carry you through a turn if you brake before you hit it. Then you can focus on your technique as you enter and exit the turn.

You can also use momentum to get over obstacles on the trail. Approaching obstacles can be very slow for beginners. Controlled momentum can help you navigate this tricky section.

The climbing: Skills are explained in detail!

Your weight is centred over the bike’s centre in the attack position, enhancing both front and rear wheel grip. As you climb, your body position must be adjusted to maintain weight.

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In climbing: 

Pedalling efficiently requires sitting in a position that maximizes efficiency. To reach full leg extension, you should have a little bend in your leg at the bottom of the pedal stroke. This way, your major leg muscles are used efficiently and powerfully while pedaling.

  1. Your weight should be over the front wheel of your bike as you climb on your bike to maintain grip.
  2. You don’t have to lean forward depending on how steep the slope is, but if you notice the front wheel lifting just a little, you are not leaning enough forward!
  3. Before you begin to climb, you should be in a lower gear.
  4. The more you pedal, the more important it is to keep your eyes on the road ahead!

In descending: 

If you want to descend a hill, lower your seat two or three inches from the height you set at the beginning. A lower center gives you better control and more confidence during steep descents because your centre of gravity is lowered. The best seat height may require some experimentation.

The cornering: Skills are explained in detail! 

It must be possible for everyone to turn a corner on a bike, right?! That’s not true. The bike technique is most challenging to master when it comes to cornering.

Almost all trailside dirt naps and crashes occur while turning, so this is a logical improvement area.

You can also shave seconds off your overall time by carrying more speed through turns when riding your bike. As soon as you feel yourself being pushed into a berm at high speed, an indescribable feeling of joy will immediately hook you on turning fast.

Looking ahead is critical! It would help if you remembered when cornering on your bike to look AHEAD – no matter how experienced you are. You don’t have much experience gaining this skill, but you don’t want to let it slide, making a big difference.

As you look around a corner, your head will turn, which will cause your shoulders to move as well. When combined with turning the bars, your bike will practically navigate corners. Trying to look around a hub for the first time can feel odd, but persevere.

Shifting technique: Skills explained in detail! 

Getting your gears shifted adequately is important since mountain biking usually involves ups and downs. In addition to preventing damage to your bike (especially your chain, front cassette, and rear cogs), proper shifting habits also help you climb hills more efficiently.

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Shift often: 

Beginners need to practice shifting gears frequently. Eventually, you’ll be able to shift up or down intuitively without thinking about whether you’re shifting higher or lower.

Shift early: 

Wait until the hill is already steep before shifting. Before hitting steep terrain, switch to the gear you’ll need. Maintaining a steady cycling cadence allows you to maximize your power. As a result, your chain will not be thrown off by awkward shifting under a load that would cause your gears to grind.

If you want to master more of the mountain bike skills, we will be further adding the intermediate-level skills! 


Best 9 selling mountain bikes recommended for your kids

Your kids deserve to enjoy mountain biking as much as you do.

 When your favourite little one makes it to the bottom of a technical descent, there’s no better feeling than ripping some singletrack with them.

(Or perhaps mountain biking is not something you do, but your child has taken an interest in it. If that’s the case, no worries – we’ll explain exactly how to pick a good mountain bike).

Your kid’s bike’s performance will significantly impact how much fun they have mountain biking. There’s no need to own the most expensive or fanciest mountain bike to have fun, but it must be lightweight, fit perfectly, and perform well.

You’ll learn which BRANDS make our top picks by size, what to consider when deciding which model to purchase, and what you should look for when shopping for kids mountain bikes.

Top 9 Mountain Bikes recommended for the kids

You shouldn’t be afraid to spend much money on your budget when choosing a bike for your child. 

Investing more in your child’s bike will allow him to ride it more efficiently, require less maintenance, and last longer if you spend more on it.

It is typically possible to purchase a decent recreational mountain bike for around $200. It costs about $500 for a proper mountain bike with quality components.

Norco Fluid FS 1 24

You’ll experience everything you’d share on a Norco Optic on the Fluid FS 1 24. A junior freeride bike, the Fluid FS 1 24 is built for riders between the ages of 9 and 12 and under 90pounds.

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Best 9 selling mountain bikes recommended for your kids 16


An aluminium frame is equipped with a 120mm Fox Performance FLOAT rear shock, while a 145mm Manitou J-Unit Expert air fork fronts the bike. There is more than enough suspension travel for most 12-year-old riders to tackle any terrain or feature.

North Shore-inspired bikes have made Norco a household name. An established British Columbian company would expect that.

Price: Starts from $2,699 

Huffy Scout – A budget bike 

By far, the Scout is the most attractive budget bike tested so far. 

Its clean designs and colour combinations give a real mountain bike vibe. However, given its enormous weight of 36.4 lb., the Scout isn’t an outstanding performer.

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Best 9 selling mountain bikes recommended for your kids 17


It doesn’t matter how much Huffy brags about Shimano components. Shimano’s entry-level derailleurs are used, but the shifters aren’t. Despite being stiff and difficult to twist on the bike we tested, the shifters worked well for kids who only needed to shift occasionally.

Despite its extreme weight, the Scout is better for your child if they can handle its overall frame design.

Price: Starts from $168 

Raleigh Rowdy

Built on an aluminium frame with a Shimano drivetrain, the Polygon’s quality of construction is comparable to many kid’s bikes sold in bike shops. These are lightweight, elegant, and great for kids who want to ride paved trails or neighbourhood cruisers.

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Best 9 selling mountain bikes recommended for your kids 18


What is the secret to Polygon’s low prices? It’s rare that a bike company owns its manufacturing facility (in Indonesia) and also sells directly to consumers. To lower the cost of their bikes, Polygon eliminates several mediators.

A tremendous recreational mountain bike for boys and girls, the Ultralite is available in 20″ and 24″ sizes. Suspension forks are optional.

Price: Starts from $187 

Rocky Mountain Reaper

You shouldn’t leave your kid without a mountain bike if you want them to learn how to ride and gain confidence. 

As your child grows up, the Rocky Reaper won’t need to be replaced.

The wheel design is 24-inch, and the suspension system is high-shock, so it is ready for any terrain. The bike might appear similar to other mountain bikes on the market from the outside, but once you ride it, you’ll know the difference.

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Best 9 selling mountain bikes recommended for your kids 19


Despite the intelligent and well-made geometry of the bike, young riders tend to use it from the middle. This is fully supported by the bike’s rear fork, ensuring the kids are always comfortable.

Price: Starts from $2200 (price may be subject to change)

Transition Ripcord

Some bike manufacturers have revolutionised grip systems, while others have improved brakes. The transition improved the fluidity and seamlessness of the bike geometry. These bikes are the Best Ever because they are dedicated to what they believe in!

In today’s world, kids want to land extra big mileages, ascend challenging trails, and be the best in the world. With Transition Ripcord, they can accomplish this without having to deal with any obstacles. Its travel capacity is limited to 100mm to achieve precision. 

Price: Starts from $1699 

Islabikes Creig 24

The Islabikes Creig is not a cheap bike, and it shouldn’t be; if you want apex quality, you need to spend more. By all standards, you can enjoy a smooth, aggressive ride whenever you want with this trail beast.

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Best 9 selling mountain bikes recommended for your kids 20


Despite its lightweight design, this bike offers heavy-duty mountain biking.

A sleek aluminium frame and Rock Shox Gold 30 air fork significantly improve the bike’s performance. 

Price: Starts from $1200 

Woom OFF 5 – Bike with 24-inch wheels

Kids can enjoy challenging rides on rugged terrain on the lightweight and durable WOOM OFF 5. Even steep descents can be negotiated easily, thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes.

The speed is full uphill; the control is fully downhill! This 24inch wheel bike has many great features. AA 6061 aluminium with butted tubes makes up the frame, which is light and high-quality.

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Best 9 selling mountain bikes recommended for your kids 21


A second reason is geometry, which promotes agility and ease of handling. Forgiving steering geometry and low entry position ensure reasonable control and a fun riding experience. A third feature is the eight speeds.

Changing gears is made easy with SRAM X4 twist shifters. As a fourth feature, children have access to two independently operated V-brakes with brake power.

Last but not least, high-quality, lightweight tires for maximum grip, low rolling resistance, and good shock absorption.

Price: Starts from $850 

GT Stomper Ace 24in Bike – Kids

The Stomper Ace 24in Bike is another proof that GT knows about junior bikes. It creates a natural stroke by incorporating narrower pedals and cranks, which increases stability and comfort. 

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Best 9 selling mountain bikes recommended for your kids 22


As a second feature, the Stomper is made from lightweight aluminium. Lastly, mechanical disc brakes provide quick and secure stopping power. In addition, your little ripper can push hard with the durable Shimano gears.

Price: Starts from $800 

Commencal META HT 24

With over 20 years of experience, Commencal has mastered making excellent bikes, resulting in the Meta HT 24 mountain bike, which has everything a perfect mountain bike should have.

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Best 9 selling mountain bikes recommended for your kids 23


Quality sometimes costs a little more, but you have to pay a premium if you want the best.

Since Commencal is known for its mountain bikes, this level of excellence is already expected.

Price: Starts from $3800 

Boys vs. Girls Mountain Bikes

The only difference between boys’ and girls’ mountain bikes is usually the colour. All other components on the bikes on this list are the same, except for a few models with a different frame design.

Kids Mountain Bikes: Quick Tips when purchasing a bike !

  • SIZE: The size of the bike is the most common mistake parents make. Children from 6 to 8 usually ride 20-inch bikes, while kids from 9 to 11 ride 24-inch bikes. Fit should be determined based on your child’s inseam. Bikes on the budget are also often more prominent than bicycles on the more expensive side.
  • ASSEMBLY: It is highly recommended that budget bikes be tuned by a local bike shop, even if they are assembled. Brakes and derailleurs need to be tuned even when the bike is brand new.
  • SUSPENSION FORKS: Casual riding is the only use for suspension forks in recreational bikes. Their purpose is not to take beatings from real trails but to jump around the neighbourhood on basic dirt trails. Their stiffness and weight are also common characteristics. There can be an increase of 4+ pounds due to them. Bikes with low-end budgets tend to carry a lot of unnecessary weight.
  • GEARS: No need to choose a cheaper bike over a more expensive bike with more gears. There is no better bike than one with six to eight gears. It is usually necessary to have two derailleurs (one for the left and one for the right) on bikes with more gears. Kids will find these harder to use, require more maintenance, and unnecessarily weigh up their bikes.Mountain bikes can be heavy – some weigh up to 40 pounds! Ideally, your bike should weigh between 20 and 30 pounds. It is better to go lighter.
  • COST: Generally, quality bikes will last several years without major maintenance, starting at $300 – $400. Budgeting more for your bike can save you a lot of hassle when it comes to possible maintenance and improving its quality and overall performance.
  • MAINTENANCE: Keep a geared bike away from the derailleur to ensure the bike’s longevity. The derailleur (or chain side) should always face up when placing a bike on the ground!

For beginners or advanced riders, you’ll want to be sure your child can straddle the mountain bike comfortably with both feet on the ground (beginners). Measuring your child’s inseam will give you a good measurement of their stand-over height which makes you easier to find the right mountain bike for them!


The 12 essential biking accessories every biker must have!

New bike riders can find the world of bike gear intimidating and complicated. There seems to be more and more hype about supposed must-have bike accessories, which makes cycling even more expensive.

You will find cycling gear to be profound, complicated, and expensive. Spending hours researching accessories is unnecessary if you’re new to the sport or want to ensure you’re prepared for an occasional ride on a rental bike.

This list includes the top bike accessories you need. The equipment on your bicycle determines its longevity and safety. As soon as you are ready, you can modify your ride. You are already ahead of the game if you have these nine items.

Helmet – Bike Accessories

Several essential bike accessories follow. Nevertheless, this is a non-negotiable.

You are responsible for protecting your head, even if cycling without a helmet is legal in your city. Every rider wipes out from time to time, even the most experienced ones. Aside from that, you cannot control what motorists, pedestrians, or animals will do on the road.

Word image 23687 1 1
The 12 essential biking accessories every biker must have! 31

Buy >> ProTec Full Cut Certified Helmet for $59.99

Choosing a bike helmet requires considering the size of your head and the way you ride. Those who cycle on a casual basis can benefit from recreational bike helmets. Keeping your head safe in a backward fall is made more accessible with mountain bike helmets, which offer excellent ventilation. Moreover, road bike helmets are aerodynamic, lightweight, and well ventilated for quick movement.

Cycling Gloves

There are several reasons why gloves are an essential bike accessory.

An accident can lead to a severe injury if you don’t wear these gloves. As well as preventing friction, they also help prevent blisters. Additionally, men and women can choose from a variety of glove types.

As well as protecting your ulnar nerve, cycling gloves have a third advantage. Hands are covered with this nerve. Pinkie, ring finger, or your entire hand can be affected by continuous pressure on the ulnar nerve. Those issues can be avoided with cycling gloves that have padded palms.

High-quality biking shorts

Invest in quality riding shorts if renting a bike for a long ride. After miles of repetitive exercise, these shorts won’t chafe or rub on you. In addition to padding your backside, cycling shorts provide comfort between your seat and your back.

Word image 23687 2 1
The 12 essential biking accessories every biker must have! 32

Buy >> Andiamo Women’s Padded Skins Short Liner: Black, LG for $23.25

Think you’re not the type to wear riding shorts? You don’t have to worry about it. Committing to the complete cyclist look is unnecessary if you’re not ready since cycling shorts are available in various styles for men and women. Whatever your style, you’re sure to find something that fits you, from sporty bibs with built-in support to casual, loose-fitting riding shorts.

A portable water bottle

From a survival perspective, hydration gear is just as essential as helmets. It’s more than just inconvenient when you run out of water during a ride. The situation is hazardous. . . especially if the hike is seven miles long.

Word image 23687 3 1
The 12 essential biking accessories every biker must have! 33

Buy >> Camelbak Podium Chill Water Bottle for $16

Drinking three large gulps of water every twenty minutes is a standard rule. If you enjoy strenuous rides, you’ll need different amounts, but don’t skimp. The water bottle cage and insulated water bottle should be part of your cycling equipment if you are a casual cyclist. A reservoir is a must-have bike kit if you plan on riding your mountain bike.

Pick a size slightly larger than you anticipate needing when buying a hydration pack. The container can be filled to your heart’s content. When you begin riding long distances, you’ll regret buying too small.

Bike Pumps

Pumps are essential in the event of unexpected disasters. Ensure your tire pressure is maintained weekly by keeping a track pump at home. It is possible to prevent road accidents by maintaining good tire pressure.

On your rides, you should also carry a mini pump. Maintaining a vehicle over a long period shouldn’t be accomplished with a pocket-sized pump. On the other hand, a mini pump will get you home if you get a flat tire while you’re out and about.

Chain Lube

Invest in a quality chain lubricant to show your bike some love. Your chain will last longer and be safer with good chain lube, resulting in long-term savings.

Knowing which chain lube to use based on your local climate and riding habits is essential.

Water won’t wash away wet lube since it is oily. Because of this, it’s an ideal choice for rainy days.

The wet lube is unnecessary if your riding area is dry, dusty, or hot. You wind up with a gunky chain due to that oily substance trapping dust and sand. Use dry lubricant instead. Before you ride, this lubricant should dry. It is easily washed off in wet weather, but in the long run, it keeps your biking chain cleaner.

Bicycle Lock

The bike you own is costly. Security shouldn’t be taken lightly. No matter what ride you ride, a bike lock is a must-have bike accessory.

If bicycle theft concerns you, you should choose the type of lock accordingly. Low-crime areas are more likely to benefit from cable locks because they are convenient. U-locks and chain locks are tougher to steal.

When you don’t own a bike and use rental bikes, lock them as if they were your own and ensure they’re secured. In addition to providing safety with the cycle, many bike rental shops do so. It’s still a good idea to check ahead of time, so you don’t end up paying for a new bike.

Bike Light and Reflectors

You will find countless ways to illuminate your bicycle when you look up bike lights and reflectors.

When choosing your bike accessories, you must comply with local bike laws, whether tiring spoke reflectors or pedal strips.

Word image 23687 4 1
The 12 essential biking accessories every biker must have! 34

Buy >> Supernova E3 Triple 2 Dynamo Headlight for $292

Regarding lighting and reflection, don’t worry about exceeding the legal limit. The balance of shadows and ambient light on a typical night ride is familiar. Don’t take any chances.

It is challenging to stay on top of all the gear available in the world of equipment. Many bike accessories can enhance your two-wheeled excursions’ safety, ease, and enjoyment. There are only a few essentials here.

Mountain Bike Shoes

The concept of a shoe being a shoe … is a shoe may seem compelling, but we found that to be untrue. It is game-changing to have a pair ergonomic design specifically for the sport. No matter the muddy conditions, they keep you locked into the pedal.

There were no flat pedals on the market until just a few years ago. Pedals with clipless technology were available on all other models.

Word image 23687 5 1
The 12 essential biking accessories every biker must have! 35

Buy >> FIVE TEN Trailcross LT Flat Shoe for $140

A lightweight clipless pedal (aka SPD pedal) is a commonly used cross-country cycling pedal. With this technique, the rider can put down more power with the pedal stroke and pull with the pulling motion to reach tricky trail features and steep climbs.

Pedal cages are used by trail riders and downhillers to provide a better platform and make it easier to find the pedal when you get your foot out.

You can now choose from various flat pedal shoes from The Local Bike Shop.

Body armor and pads

Knee and elbow pads for mountain bikes come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to pick one that is snug and flexible so that they fit comfortably when pedalling. You can secure them comfortably using velcro straps or even BOA wires with many brands. The design of elbow pads is similar.

It is great for adrenaline-based mountain biking to use pads with hard plastic exteriors that slide on impact. For trail riding, softer pads allow for better pedaling and better ventilation.

Eye protection / glasses

You must wear bicycle eyewear to stay safe and functional on the bike. Sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful sun rays and protect them from debris and impact.

The eyewear specific to mountain bikes includes both sunglasses and goggles. When driving through scrub at high speed with an exposed face or in cool weather, these helmets are designed to fit around your head and provide extra impact protection.

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The 12 essential biking accessories every biker must have! 36

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Several brands will offer premium options for polarization (an additional glare-reducing layer) or photochromic lenses (transitional lenses). By adapting to the light based on the conditions, the latter enhances visibility when riding shaded trails, allowing you to see trail features, debris, and hazards.

Saddle bag

You can store your spares in either saddle bags or saddle wraps when on the trail. Because saddle wraps don’t wrap around dropper posts, those using them will most likely need one.

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The 12 essential biking accessories every biker must have! 37

Buy >> Lezyne Road Caddy Saddle Bag for $21.99

Spare tyre levers, tubes, and a CO2 inflator or mini pump are essential items that can be packed in your saddle bag or saddle wrap.

If you want to explore more biking accessories, like bike bell, handlebar, rack, backpack, bike computer etc, visit!

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Best BMX Bikes for Tall Adults in 2022

With so many brand options on the market and the latest trend in BMX bikes it is so hard to choose among the best bikes.

Especially for taller people it is more difficult to select and purchase the right BMX bike that suits their height and personality as well as fits comfortably.

But don’t worry, in our comprehensive review we will help you to find the best BMX Bike models especially for tall adults at a reasonable price.

In the below articles we will highlight many factors such as a frame that determines the BMX bike size and its geometry, cranks that affect how easily the bike can be ridden, and brake and many more.

Let’s get started ! 😀

1. Mongoose Legion L100 Beginner Bike

Mongoose bikes have been quite famous for a long while now. They are in the same league as Haro and both are super old bike companies.

Among them Mongoose Legion L100 is regarded to be one of the best and loved BMX bikes for adults and probably yours as well. If you are here for a dirt freestyle bike then these Mongoose Legion L100 is for you.

The Mongoose Legion line features various bikes of differing sizes. The L100 is the largest of the set with 20” wheels, a 21” top tube and an 8.75” bar rise. And it supports Mongoose’s full 4130 Chromoly frames that are known for its lightweight and strong steel as well.

Mongoose offers multiple colors i.e. Light Blue, Silver, and Green along with a removable brake mounts, mid-BB shell, and a 21-inch top tube length.
Both size and strength are easily enough for older riders and the set up is perfect for first-time riders as well.

The bike is perfect for riders with an average height of 5 ft 8 inches and higher. In case if you are smaller than this but still like the Legion then I would recommend looking into the L80 which is smaller and cheaper. Similarly, it features 2.4”

This BMX tire offers complete precision and is highly durable. Additionally, the bike has brake levers and a Chromoly fork and handlebar for maximum steering.

Yes! This bike has everything that you have been looking for in the most affordable price range.

Main Features

  • Recommended Height: 5 ft 8 inches
  • Top Tube Length: 21 inches
  • Full 4130 Chromoly frame
  • Alloy U-brake
  • 175 millimeter 2-piece tubular Chromoly hollow spindle cranks


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Great for solid jumps and stunts at an advanced level
  • Affordable and value for money
  • Feels very light to ride on
  • Part of the bike last longer than expected


  • The packaging is poor overall
  • Brake line too short

2. Elite 20″ & 18” BMX Bicycle Destro Model

Elite BMX bikes are trusted by some of the world’s best riders and they are one of the best priced BMX. No doubt this is one of the coolest bikes we have come across.

Every part of the bike has incredible craft and high quality. The newly introduced Destro BMX bike may be one of the excellent mid-level options that is perfect for street, parks, dirt, etc as of 2022. From color to weight the bike has everything that a rider seeks for. The bikes come in a pink color with a super lightweight too.

Besides that the brakes of the Elite are manufactured with a Tektro Alloy U-brake which shows immense quality improvement from their earlier models. Moving towards the frame is designed to bear heavy weight since these are mostly adult bikes.

With an upgrade to the entry-level models, it comes with a 20 x 2.4″ tire. Similarly, the bike has 4 Piece Cr-MO bars that allow high jumps while performing stunts due to the lightweight of the bike.

Key Features:

  • Suggested Height: 5 ft 6 inches
  • Top Tube Length: 20 inches
  • Hi-tensile steel frame
  • Tektro Alloy U-brake
  • 3-Piece Cr-Mo Crank


  • Superb design and looks good
  • Lightweight and easy to make jumps
  • Smooth ridden
  • Great quality parts
  • Hi-tensile steel used in the frame


  • Grips wear off quickly
  • Not meant for small kids

3. Stolen Overlord BMX Bike – 20.75″ TT

Stolen Overlord BMX Bike – 20.75″ TT is another excellent bike that we have crossed. A high-quality BMX Bike is popular for being lightweight and as a durable mountain bike.

Frame of Stolen Overload is hand-welded 1020 Hi-Ten Steel tubes and further integrated head-tube, mid bb shell, top & down tube gussets. The newly upgraded bike comes with a sealed integrated headset, sealed hubs, Mythos pedals, Sumo Guard sprocket & two pegs. Likewise, the handlebar of the mountain bike is integrated with a fictional 4-Stroke 9.00” 4-piece bars.

Stolen overlord bmx bike - 20. 75 tt, white
Best bmx bikes for tall adults in 2022 42

The stolen bike of 2021 is best for medium height riders who want a more robust bike than Walmart’s basic model.

Overall the bike is perfect for a beginner level bike that is street-ready. For the color option you can pick between the white color option which weighs around 25.5lbs without the pegs. If you’re thinking about buying this bike then this one is quite a good deal for you.


  • Hand-welded 1020 Hi-Ten frame
  • 170mm Fiction Zeus tubular chromoly cranks
  • Fiction 4-Stroke 9″ 4-piece bars
  • 13.75″ chainstay length
  • 11.7″ bottom bracket height
  • Weight: approx 26.0lbs
  • Front Hub: Stolen Rampage fully sealed, 3/8″ ChroMoly axle
  • Rear Hub: Rampage 6061 Alloy fully-sealed cassette w/ 14mm ChroMoly axle
  • Tires: Fiction Atlas 2.30″

Buy Stolen Overlord BMX Bike

4. We the People Arcade BMX Bike – 20.5″ TT

Moving towards another coolest bike in the town then it would not be wrong to say that the WTP Arcade is another coolest bike in town. The bike comes in different two lengths to suit a taller or mid sized rider.

We the People Arcade is stacked with great parts that will take a beating more than an entry level BMX.  The bike has 36mm wide Salt VALON rims and sealed bearings. That provides not only confidence but also comfortability. It is available in both a 20.5” and a longer 21” option. Similarly, the Arcade will give senior riders the ability to ride one of the most popular bikes in our line. 

We the people arcade bmx bike -20. 5 tt, candy red
Best bmx bikes for tall adults in 2022 43

Furthermore, this super dialed bicycle is equipped with 36mm Valon wheels with sealed hubs and nylon hub guards, so you’ll always have a solid and reliable set of wheels under you.


  • Frame: 4130 CRMO top and down tube, 1020 hi-ten
  • Bars: SALT “Arcade” bars, 1020 hi-ten, 9″ rise (20.5″ tt) 9.25″ rise (21″ tt)
  • Grips: SALTPLUS “XL” grips, 155mm length
  • Frame: 4130 CRMO top and down tube, 1020 hi-ten
  • Stem: SALT “Comp” top loading stem, 50mm reach
  • Fork: SALT “AM 20” fork, 1020 hi-ten , 4130 crmo steerer, 26mm offset
  • Headset: SALT “PRO” int. headset, sealed bearing
  • Gyro: no / holes for removable gyro tabs
  • Fork: SALT “AM 20” fork, 1020 hi-ten , 4130 crmo steerer, 26mm offset
  • Lever: SALT “AM” alloy brake lever

Buy We the People Arcade BMX Bike

5. We The People Reason BMX Bike – 20.75″ TT

We The People Reason BMX Bike features a full 4130 Chromoly frame with a modern 76 degree head tube and super short 12.75” chain stay. The quality of the bike parts is draped in quality from head to toe. 

In addition to shorter 160mm cranks, it features a steeper 15mm offset fork, giving it a similar ride to those being ridden by We The People PRO Felix Prangenberg and Dan Kruk.

We the people reason bmx bike 20. 7522 tt matt blue 1 2
Best bmx bikes for tall adults in 2022 44

Apart from that you will get a bike along with a piece of kit.  Along with a weight of 12.53KG / 27.63LBS the bike has a salt “Pro” Int. headset and sealed bearing.  Likewise, the seat clamps were also more integrated than before. It also has SALTPLUS “SUMMIT” 36mm double wall rear rim, 36h.


  • Frame: WETHEPEOPLE “REASON” frame, 4130 full crmo, tapered SS & CS, with removable brake pivots & guides
  • Fork: SALTPLUS “REASON” fork, 4130 full crmo, butted crmo steerer, 15mm offset
  • Bars: WETHEPEOPLE “REASON” bar, 4pc, 4130 full crmo
  • Grips: WETHEPEOPLE “PERFECT” grips, 165mm, flangeless
  • Stem: SALT “ZION” top loading stem, 50mm reach
  • Headset: SALT “PRO” int. headset, sealed bearing
  • Gyro: holes for removable gyro tabs

Buy We the People Arcade BMX Bike 20.75″ TT 🚴‍♂️

Hope hb 160 reviewCategoriesMountain Bike

Hope HB.160 Review: All the Reasons to Buy this Awesome Mountain Bike

In today’s market the popularity of the Hope bike is increasing day by day. 

Not only between the riders has Hope also successfully built their name among the bike components maker. 

Their bike and mountain bike’s part are manufactured and designed at their own factory which is located at Barnoldswick UK.

Finally, Hope has come with their first ever on of the best mountain bike HB 160. 

HOPE owners, Ian Weatherill and the late, Simon Sharp, had always dreamed of building their own bike. 

After drawing hundreds of different sketches and renderings at Hope HQ and prototype bikes, but it wasn’t until now that they were finally ready to unleash the Beast from Barnoldswick to the public. 

According to the maker HOPE 160 is one of those bikes they always wanted to rise. Thus, they designed and constructed HB 160 according to the comfort and more importantly to them, built almost entirely in-house. 

In the below article you will get to know more about Hope HB 160’s in-depth review, manufacture, design and price and so on. 

What’s new on Hope HB 160?

Before diving into the performance of HB 160, let’s discuss on details.

Every cranny of the HB160 has been pondered over many a brew. Every part of HB 160 is designed and built at their own factory. From selecting part from a catalog to putting those in the right place Hope team had a great job.

The water transfer graphics are added before the final matte finish lacquer is applied and Cable routing is internal with 3D ports printed in-house as well.

Moving towards the frame, it is single-ring specific, with an in-built chain guide that’s compatible with 28-36t chainrings. All of the fixtures and fittings are laser etched and anodised in a choice of seven colors. Similarly, the clearance for muddy 2.5in tires, but no bottle cage mounts.

The front triangle is carbon, laid in Barnoldswick in return for British wages, safety standards and income directed into their local community.

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Credit: bikemag

Now moving towards the brake of HB 160, the radial brake and mount are also Hope’s own. Both are designed to sit perpendicular to the hub. For the bike they use Tech 3 E4 brakes.  Rider can simply to add or remove spacers to raise or lower the caliper. Instead of trying to find that obscure ‘IS160 Front Old to PM203’ mount from 2003 that you need on your modern bike to upgrade the rotor by 20mm.

Coming towards the wheel, for HB 160 they uses rear hub to 130mm for better clearance through Yorkshire gritstone, though the hub flanges sit a similar width apart to a boost hub. While manufacturing space is saved bet the frame and disc and spoke angle is also symmetrical as well.

That is touted as the ultimate solution for reliable wheel building. Similarly, we can see HB 160 has 17mm instead of 12mm, which is the size of Hope hub inner bearing races, the races sit directly on the axle, instead of on spacers on the axle.

Available in all color the suspension is top-drawer: a Fox Factory Float X2 rear shock working in partnership with the powerful Fox Factory 36 Float RC2 160 mm fork, a pairing without equal. For the suspension Hope admits that all suspension is a compromise, rather than marketing they have found a perfect solution.

This time they went with a four bar, horst style link that provides fairly neutral characteristics all around. Beside that the bike has reliable and effective SRAM XX1 11-speed drivetrain and RockShox Reverb.

Meck157nodx sjg1cakxl4npjjrcvw6p5lcm1yph0mpks2pm3f2nzh8stif1ypk840npiexng84ly aykygmvu9atjfdbc 5s4fsomj3gcueaykppbplqg6ycija9i3kb lkuohbv8cq fh awepfdq
Hope hb. 160 review: all the reasons to buy this awesome mountain bike 50


Adding to other’s Hope Crank, cassette, headset, stem, bar, grips, rims, hubs, and brakes all carry the Hope logo everything goes perfectly with each other. They use their own Cranks with 30mm axle, direct mount chain ring, and specific HB160 chain guide. And the quality of components and craftsmanship of bike is admirable.

There might be reason why Hope fan goes crazy under the collar, and when they hear the bike can be chosen in any of the Hope colors, including for the first time ever the super-exclusive Hope Team Green, their heads will literally explode.

Adding to other’s Hope Crank, cassette, headset, stem, bar, grips, rims, hubs, and brakes all carry the Hope logo everything goes perfectly with each other. They use their own Cranks with 30mm axle, direct mount chain ring, and specific HB160 chain guide.

And the quality of components and craftsmanship of bike is admirable. There might be reason why Hope fan goes crazy under the collar, and when they hear the bike can be chosen in any of the Hope colors, including for the first time ever the super-exclusive Hope Team Green, their heads will literally explode.

Pro and cons of Hope HB 160

As lovely as the Hope bike looks, it’s not light, with a medium frame and shock coming in at about 4kg. Considering quality the HB.160 is amazing value.

Tech 35W wheels fitted, the HB.160 feels keen and lively, which speaks volumes for the hand-laid front end and deftly-machined rear. You could spend hours looking at the beautiful chevroned fibers as well.

Pros of hope HB 160

i.          Joyful

ii.         Smooth yet agile ride

iii.        Feels keen and lively

iv.        Absolutely gorgeous to look at

v.         Great suspension

vi.        Custom colour

vii.       More component options

Cons of Hope HB 160

i.          Heavy for a semi-carbon frame

ii.         long seat tube but small/medium reach won’t suit everyone


1.  Frameset

i.          Frame: Carbon front triangle, alloy rear triangle, internal cable routing

ii.         Fork: FOX Factory 36 Float RC2, boost, 160mm

iii.        Shock: FOX Factory Float X2, 2-position lever

2.  Wheels

i.          Hubs: Pro4 HB/110 boost

ii.         Wheels: Tech 35 W, 35mm internal width

iii.        Wheel Size: 27.5″

iv.        Spokes: Sapim Race

v.         Tires: Maxxis High Roller II 3C EXO 2.4″, tubeless

3.  Drivetrain

i.          Chain: 435mm, Top guide, direct mount, 30 tooth, spider less,

ii.         Crank: Hope

iii.        Bottom Bracket: 340mm (-15mm drop), Hope HB, 30mm

iv.        Rear Derailleur: SRAM XX1, 11-speed

v.         Shifters: SRAM XX1, 11-speed

4.  Components

i.          Brake set: Tech 3 E4, radial mounted calipers, 180mm (160mm rear on Small), Tech 3 E4

ii.         Handlebar: Hope Carbon, 780mm

iii.        Saddle; SDG Duster MTN, Ti alloy rails

iv.        Seat post: RockShox Reverb, 125mm (S), 150mm (M-XL), , Standard single bolt, , Standard single bolt

v.         Stem: Hope AM, 35mm

vi.        Grips: Hope Lock-on

vii.       Headset: Hope 1.5″ – 1-1/8″

viii.      Hubs: Hope Pro4

ix.       Rims: Hope Tech 35 W

Dq4m1mzdty3tolaojx xzdcbzntltywslx0ccn0fzl googxlx5 jduhlj2lvle21myqq

Credit: vitalmtb

Hope HB.160 on the trail

The HB160 gets well with all types of riding and the geometry also goes well 0n the long ride. Some of the rider claimed that the geometry isn’t fully new-school.

However, after adding a degree or two to the seat tube and a couple knocked of the head tube, as well as a few more millimeters in the reach and chain-stay the bike run smoothly.

The easy-going handling and confidence ensure the HB.160 is easy to fall in love with.

The standout feature of the bike is ‘GRIP2’ damper in the Fox 36 fork which is supple yet supportive.

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The frame’s chunky front end keeps a grip on stiffness and accuracy. According to them the Gear shifts are cleaner and swifter with the Eagle cassette than the Hope one on previous HB.160s. Similarly, the back of the bike has amazing tracking characteristics across rough cambered ground and corners. 

 The progressive suspension allows the pilot to take commanding and aggressive approach.

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Credit: wideopenmountainbike

The HB 160 is superb on corners and through compressions, and picking up speed is natural as the chassis spurs onwards. 

On the flipside, it swerves and stitches through tight corners and tweaks back on line easily, particularly at slow speeds. The geometry of the bike is good but to reach steering is short and the high seat tube makes sizing up awkward. It seems that mountain bike is designed for the long leg people.

Another interesting thing about the bike is color the color goes perfectly with the design. Even with Hope’s normally sedentary-feeling Tech 35W wheels fitted, the HB.160 feels keen and lively, which speaks volumes for the hand-laid front end and deftly-machined rear?

On the trail the HB.160 delivers an easy ride that is neither old-school or new-school. It’s simply fun and living the life. To find the comfortability while riding bike confidence and versatility are at the forefront, and it excels in short, hard turns, darting through with the poise of an athlete.

Hope HB.160 geometry

Moving towards the geometry of Hope HB 160 is radical in its conservativeness, as you will find no super-stretched reaches or crazy-steep seat tubes. Whereas, these model has same similar structure which first came out of the mould three years ago. On the based use of a short 438.6 mm reach, and 435 mm chain stays, giving a wheelbase of 1195.5 mm.

The angles are similarly conventional with head and seat tube angles of 65.5o and 74o, respectively. If you are planning to buy Hope HB 160 then remember that you are only buying a mountain bike but also becoming part of the Hope family. Similarly, the bike is premeditated to work as a holistic system engineered from a blank sheet of paper, demanding the condition quo for sure, but not intended to sadden the market.

1. Seat angle: 74 degrees

2. Head angle: 66.5 degrees

3. Chain stay: 43.5cm / 17.13in

4. Seat tube: 47.5cm / 18.7in

5. Top tube: 61.5cm / 24.21in

6. Bottom bracket height: 34cm / 13.39in

7. Wheelbase: 1,200mm / 47.24in

8. Stack: 61.5cm / 24.21in

9. Reach: 43.86cm / 17.26in

Hope HB.160’s color and Price

Hope HB. 160 are available in seven anodized component color options (green, blue, black, orange, purple, red, silver).

Similarly, the upgrade kit is also available to match fork/shock/rims to components. To get Hope HB. 160 you have to pay around $8,400. It may sound quiet expensive but the quality of the hope 160 will not only worth the money  but also give a lifetime time thrill on the trail.

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Hope hb 130 bike reviewCategoriesMountain Bike

Hope HB.130 Bike Review: Reasons Why You Should Get One for Your Next Ride

More progressively shaped 29-inch-wheeled, 130mm travel aggro all-rounder, takes lessons learned from the original HB160 650b-wheeled 16mm travel enduro bike. 

That puts it at the forefront of developing a category of mountain bikes that are rapidly evolving, where cross-country speed meets downhill suspension and geometry.

Key features:

  • Made in the UK from hand-layered carbon
  • Composite wheels 29.” 
  • 130mm travel rear wheels
  • Featuring Horse Link suspension
  • Rear axle – 148 x 12mm 
  • Adjustable geometry with flip-chip

Almost entirely constructed in the United Kingdom, the Hope has a level of detailing that is unabashedly indulgent. Even though it runs a narrow stance back end, it’s more mainstream component compatible than the HB160. 

So, how accurate are Hope’s statements about increased stiffness and reduced trail damage?

Can you build a competitive trail bike with 179 pieces of composite, custom anodizing, and sculptural machining?

👍 Pros

  • HB 130 geometry suits the mountain riding.
  • Flexible frame aids
  • Smooth drive train

👎 Cons

  • Expensive product
  • Limitation on change in existing bike components

Well, we shall get hold of every information through this article. 

Comprehensive Review: Hope HB.130 MOUNTAIN BIKE

With the new HB.130, Hope is true to its mantra, “If we can do it at home, we will do it at home.”. Except for the tires, drivetrain and suspension, everything else on the bike comes directly from the Hope factory in Barnoldswick, England.

In this section, we discuss the design, performance and built in component for HB.130 mountain bike.

a) Design of HB.130

Carbon fibre imports aren’t the only ones on the list.

Hope makes as many of its components as possible in-house. Three types of carbon are woven in Manchester – unidirectional, 3k cross weave, and 1k impact weave – and are impregnated in Lincolnshire.

Based on experience gained with the HB160, the alloy frame fixtures are added to pre-moulded pockets for maximal strength and accuracy. Hope claims the HB130 is 150g lighter than the HB160, even though it has more carbon and a longer mainframe.

There is a carbon mainframe and an anodised black (in-house) rear end, but Hope’s usual seven-colour palette is available in the machined and laser-etched alloy hardware, which you can match or clash to your taste.

The woven carbon is then hand-laid into moulds that are machined within Hope. Hand sanded and then declared mainframes are again taken through the first process for the second time, leaving a clear coat that rubs off mud and dirt.

There are rubber armours and titanium bolts and the chainstay on top. Although you can get the frame in three sizes, you’ll need a bottle cage for easy removal, as there is a bottle mount.

Similarly, the sculpted dropout sections pivot on extremely machined and pocketed single-piece L-beam chainstays.

Hope kept the 130mm diameter, 17mm diameter axle and matching hub of the HB160 (a unique radial design). Instead of welding the end sections, Hope bonds the extruded triangular seat stays to the end sections to prevent distortion.

b) Build & Components of HB.130

For Hope complete bikes, the prices are £3950/€4700/$4950. Hope comes in frame kits and wheel kits.

Hope’s E4s feature Hope’s own Tech E4 brakes (other lever configurations are also available), a 35mm stem, and hand-crafted carbon handlebars.

Hope’s Fortus 26mm rims and Santa Cruz’s Reserve carbon rims are laced to the Pro4 front hub and narrow stance rear hub, resulting in a weight reduction of 125g (22%) per wheel.

When talking about the remaining components of HB.130, it features an SDG saddle with custom logos attached to a Fox Transfer post; the bikes can be ordered with Fox 36 GRIP2 Factory suspension forks and Fox DPX2 Factory rear shocks.

While Hope’s chainsets are available at a reduced rate.

HB.130 performance and ride experience

On the technically challenging descents, Hope’s super stiff handlebars and wooden feel – rather than progressively powerful – brakes make you feel your arms fatigue sooner than you would expect.

Hope’s crankset weighs 100 grams. The Hope alloy wheels and Santa Cruz carbon wheels we tested in the HB160 provided a palpably livelier, more responsive trail feel, even though we didn’t try them back-to-back on the HB130.

Though the construction changes and lower weight of the HB130 are evolutionary advantages, the HB130’s progressive geometry is by far its most significant improvement over the HB160.

While combining 66-degree head angles and 44mm fork offsets, this bike offers a natural ride and is easy to adjust.

However, the 36mm legged forks and large 2.5in wide tyre up front provide excellent feedback despite the fork’s lighter weight and longer length.

With a 75.7-degree seat, extensive reach (470mm), and a central forward position, the rider remains in contact with the front wheel even during steep, technical hills. With a flip-chip on the shock mount, you can raise your bottom bracket and drop the front by 1/2 inch to reduce the rad factor.

Its machined backend provides noticeable flex to shrug and snake its way through rocky and rooty terrain while hooking into scooped turns.

The wider stance also helps reduce square edge impact shock. It also decreases the possibility of the mech crashing into a rock.

Despite the easy-to-spin bottom bracket, it seems that not all the power reaches the rear wheel at full throttle.

There is enough wheel wag to cause scuffing of the swingarm under cornering load, so we’d be concerned about trying to fit a larger tyre.

Final Verdict

The HB130 from Hope is a big step forward. A well-balanced geometry allows the bike to boss technical trails, and the weight is competitive. Despite flex sucking accuracy and energy under heavy loads, rear-end flex makes up for it in muddy, rooty, or rocky environments.

In climbing situations, the suspension applies traction and absorbs trail trauma with minimal feedback. It is also essential to choose Fox or Ohlins dampers to give the basic chassis different ‘comfort’ or ‘combat’ characteristics.

So, essentially, you get a well-sorted, mid-travel with impressive trail capability, to purchase your next HB.130 bike click here.

Hope headsetsCategoriesBike Headsets

Hope Tech Headset review

Before diving into the Headset let’s get to know about the hope Technology. Hope Technology is a privately owned bicycle part manufacturer based in the north of England employing almost 100 people. In the field of mountain biking, the name of the Hope might not be new for riders. They are famous for their design, craftsmanship, and product durability.

Their all components are first designed and made by the team at their own factory which is located in the Barnoldswick, Lancashire, United Kingdom. Hope has been scheming and industrializing cycling products at the absolute apex of recital for over 25 years. Headset is two bearings at either end of your bike frame’s head tube which the forks pass through.

Those bearings allow the forks to turn inside the frame, without wobbling around or moving forwards and backwards. It is an interface between the forks to the bike frame that hold it securely in place while allowing it to rotate to steer. While the interface requires lateral stiffness to withstand riding loads, including cornering, braking and potholes, it also needs to be rotationally free for steering.

Why Hope headset?

While riding a bike some time headset are often overlooked and neglected but it is an essential component to your bike. Your bike’s headset is the bearing assembly that keeps your fork attached to your bicycle, and it’s what allows you to turn your fork and handlebars to steer your bicycle. If these headsets are poorly attached or installed, it will be hard for both steering and bike handling.

Whereas, if your headset is attached rightly, then it gives you smoother turning, greater durability in that the bearings are a higher grade, the sealing is usually better, and finally they are usually lower maintenance. While buying the bike, there are a couple of different types of headsets to consider, you can go either for threaded or thread less. It depends upon your frame or fork type.

Basically, threaded headset works with forks have a threaded steer tube. It is found that these types o threaded headset are found in old lower end bike. Meanwhile thread less bike is used in those forks which have thread less fork.

Design and manufacture of hope headset

If you are looking for the good quality, and easy to fit headset then Hope is the best option for you. Hope’s integral headsets are not only smooth and reliable rotation on every ride. But with the multiple seals it protect it from water and dirt ingress and fully sealed cartridge bearings, its smooth performance will last too. Adding to the detail designs and component that are used during the initial phase of manufacture is Aluminium taper rings.

Apart from the taper ring other part including the cups, crown race and taper ring are also made from the 2014 T6 Aluminium. Because it is compatible with MTB frames with tapered head tubes and suspension forks with tapered steerers tubes. With the perfect fork, Hope’s Integral headset is only available in black color. The headset is made to fit low stack 1 1/8″ frames where two bearings fit directly into the frame.

If we said that Hope is one of the best mountain bike components makers, then it will not be wrong. They use their best quality stainless steel bearings, specifically to resist corrosion. However, small variation can lead creaking or a damaged head tube in the long run, thus hope is working on their best to ensure that our headsets fit as they should.

Apart from the black color you can also buy hope headset in any color. However, just because o the color variation, and good look we cannot assure that these hope headset are the best. So while buying the headset research and test the headset and look after those headsets that match your bike.

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Performance of Hope Headset

As we already talked about the importance of headset on the trail. Many bike designer make three types of headset: Conventional, Integrated and Integral. The headset whose bearing sitting is outside of the frame then they are called conventional headset sees the headset bearings sitting outside of the frame. Whereas, integrated headsets set the bearings in cups that sit inside the frame.

Finally, integral headsets do away with replaceable cups, and the bearings sit directly in the frame. When it comes to hope they only specify top quality Swiss-made INA cartridge bearings conjunction with great sealing. As a result their headset runs smoothly for years, regardless of the conditions as compare to other headset.

According to many riders the tapered head tubes, oversized head tubes and straight or tapered fork steerer’s things get a little more complex. Thus, hope has Upper Cups and Lower Cups that allows you to select the upper and lower cups that fit your frame/fork combo. Overall, the Performance of the Hope headset is pretty good.

Not only that Hope Technology is one of the world leaders in engineering bicycle components. Since 1989, owners Ian Weatherill and Simon Sharp have been pushing the industry in the top level. Their work in designing, testing and manufacturing virtually all products in-house at the factory in Barnoldswick, United Kingdom is one of the most fascinating.

Price of Hope Headset

A good headset is something your bike cannot go with. The newly designed CNC milled, high-quality processed Ahead headset comes with the sealed industrial bearings for 1 1/8 “fork shafts! Additional rubber seals on the bearings, cone and cover cap are available for a long service life. While purchasing the bike headset, notice that whether the headset’s squeeze ring and fork cone are slotted or not.

If those are slotted then it will be easy assembly, the headset also includes the HOPE Head Doctor, Ahead cap and expander set for gentle clamping in the fork shaft. In average Hope headset cost you around £105.00 now only £98.99. However, the price may be little higher but the quality and the product worth your money. As we said earlier that the money that you invest on the product depends upon the component they used to make.

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that it will be waste of your money on Hope headset. However, before buying consider the price and quality and the fact that it’s a product made by Hope.

Hope’s headset detail

Here are some technical specifications of headset,

Material: CNC milled aluminum, steel
Design: conventional
Steerers: 1 1/8 ”
SHIS top: EC34 / 28.6
SHIS lower part: EC34 / 30
Press-in dimension above Ø: 34 mm
Press-in dimension below Ø: 34 mm
Outside diameter above: 46 mm
Outside diameter below: 46 mm
Construction height above: 10.5 mm
Height below: 13.5 mm
Bearing: Industry – angular contact ball bearings, double sealed
Color: black, silver, red, blue, orange, purple, gold

Weight: 90g / 120g (including Head Doctor Expander)

How to install Hope’s headset?

Sometime fixing headset by yourself might be a subject of headache. Don’t worry we will help you to overcome this fear and guide you to fix your own Headset. At first unscrew the aluminium bolt from the wedge by the help of a 6mm Allen key. Then place those in aluminium bolt and top cap to one side. Following that gain by using 8mm Allen key, partly undo the bolt in the wedge unit, until the assembly is loose. After those places those wedge into steerers by the help of 8mmm Allen bolt head to the top. Incase if these wedge are tight then again t make it loose use before key. When the wedge is tight then loosen it again before using the key.

After putting into the steerers make sure that the wedges sits approx 12mm beneath the top of the steerers. However, sometime it might become snug at some time so don’t worry if some gentle persuasion is needed. i.e. tap it in with a hammer! Finally squeeze the Outer Ring together with your fingers to get it started. As usual by the help of the Allen key tighten the wedge until it is solid in the steerers. Later, then install the stem and spacer if needed bolt are undone and everything moves freely on the steerers will aid easy adjustment.

With the help of an Allen key, tighten the wedge until the steerers are solid. Later install the stem and spacer, unfasten the bolts if necessary, and everything should move freely on the steerers to aid in the easy adjustment.At last put the bolt on the top of cap and apply little grease to the threads. Then fit the bolt and top cap to the top of the stem. Lastly, gently wind the bolt clockwise with a 6mm Allen key into the now fixed wedge unit until a little resistance is felt

How do I choose the right mountain bike headset?

To fix mountain bike head set you must have knowledge on what is your headset and which one is perfect or your mountain bike. To identify your headset is Press Fit or Integrated. Press Fit headsets have headset bearing cups sitting between the frame and the bearing. After that measure the inside diameter of your frame’s head tube and measure the fork steerer’s tube as well. After noticing everything on your frame and tube you will get to know your mountain bike headset perfectly.

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Hope Tech Enduro Rim Review

Hope are always been known for its mountain bike’s hubs, but in the recent year the company has been upgrading their bike rims. Hope’s new Tech Enduro wheel set, it has rims to its own design ready to lace up as now. The Hope Enduro rims are made from 6061 T6 aluminium. This is further welded and eyeleted with a triple cavity construction for excellent strength while keeping the weight low. While the outer part of the rim is anodised for a durable finish. Further, these rims are too easy to set up tubeless with the addition of tubeless tape and valves.

Each year Hope Technology comes with their modified bike parts. As of 2021 Hope caused a stir with their new complete factory wheel-set, the Hope Tech Enduro rim. They charge a very competitive £380 (€585) for front and rear to retailer. Same year, hope built onto their legendary Pro II EVO hubs, allowing any axle standard to be accommodated. Similarly, they have new Pro 4 hubs. The main change of the key is a revamped free hub that now houses a 44-tooth ratchet mechanism. According to maker, the revised hubs can produce much quicker engagement; 10 percent quicker, in fact, than the Pro 2 Evo.

Why Hope tech Enduro rim?

Like other part of the mountain bike, Rim is also one of most important part that plays a vital role. Rim sits on the outside of the wheel and on the vast majority of mountain bike wheels, has one main function; to hold the tyre. The performances of the wheel rim depend upon the width of a rim. That could have a significant impact on rider control and grip on the trail, more on that later. Besides that the rims also serves as the anchor for spoke heads, or nipples.

Enduro rim


Hope 29er Enduro wheelset feels very precise and has round tracks that will not only help in acceleration but also helps o decrease the rim twists off roots and rocks. In the market the hope rim are regarded to be one of the heaviest wheelset on test by 130g but its incredible value and comes in a ton of options. Comparing to the other brand rim, the Hope Enduro rim looks more smooth, Pro 4 hub set, several refinements, including a faster-engaging free hub, 11-speed compatibility, bigger flanges (for a stiffer wheel), a Boost option and many more.

Hope Tech Enduro Rim’s Design and manufacture

The Enduro wheel set is Hope’s first complete wheel set where they uses their own rims as well as hubs. The Wheel set comes at 2,024g (954g front, 1,070g rear) for our 650b sized test set. The Enduro rim was designed to stand up to the rigors of what Hope describes as “Enduro” racing and riding. Hope’s new rims have been built with a triple cavity similar to the Stan’s Arch and Flow rims Hope previously used Hope’s wheel sets.

As you have already seen that Hope never get afraid of spending a few quid on a machine if it does the job right and building their new wheels is no exception. Even the smallest part like nipples Hope has built a machine from the ground up to deal by the help of Holland Mechanics. This proves that Hope have a great promising future instead of tensioning the wheel from the inside like a traditional spoke key. The nipples help to develop deep section carbon rims in the future.

Enduro rim


The rims are available in 26, 27.5 and 29″ diameters, with an internal width of 23mm that stays consistent between the three sizes. The rim of this model is made from 6061 T6 aluminium and are welded and eyeleted. Inside, the rim we can see a triple cavity construction. According to the Hope, they make them incredibly tough – in the simplest terms.

As you have already seen that Hope are never afraid of spending a few quid on a machine if it does the job right and building their new wheels is no exception. Even the smallest part like nipples Hope has built a machine from the ground up to deal by the help of Holland Mechanics. This proves that Hope have a great promising future instead of tensioning the wheel from the inside like a traditional spoke key. The nipples help to develop deep section carbon rims in the future.

Enduro rim


Likewise, the advance enduro rim has two walls that divide the interior into three sections and helping to support the outer structure. The components that are used inside the rims are for the extra strength. After bouncing those walls down on rugged and rocky tracks for the past few months we found that the wall are still running true, with even spoke tensions.

The 32 spokes themselves comes in very high quality double-butted Sapim items matched to durable brass nipples. Adding to the price of the rim they are very affordable and as well thought through setup, designed to be cheap and easy to replace in the event of a breakage, perfect for privateer Enduro racers or indeed anyone that prefers their wallet to have cash left in it.

Many of riders also gave review that Hope Pro II Evo are more reliable, nicely machined and a decent weight. However, some of them said that they are quiet tough, stiff and have common spares that specialist setups lack. As we said before the width of the rim determines performance of the wheel set. The Enduro rim width is spot on and they’re simple to convert to tubeless. Whereas, these hub adaptors are extra but you should be able to easily find the ones you need.

Performance of Hope Tech Enduro Rim on Trail

Now coming towards the performance, Hope wheels are amazing on the trail. The weight and width of the rims demines he performance of the wheel. The enduro rims comes in different weight and at nearly 2kg they certainly aren’t featherweights – most Enduro racers run wheels that weigh around the 1700g mark (for 27.5″), some 2-300g lighter than the Tech Enduro. However, in the uphill portion it is hard to think about those rims without mentioning the weight.

If you are into heavy wheels, or simple you want to try upgrade that will not break the bank, then Hope tech Enduro wheel set has become the new benchmark in the sub £500 category. They are certainly reliable, strong, stiff, affordable and seemingly bombproof but they come in a significant price premium disadvantage. Thus, every gram of the Enduro is directly translated in strength and reliability. There is indeed, the Hope Tech Enduro rim weigh in at 1999 g for a pair, a respectable weight but with high end Carbon wheel-sets coming in at 1600 g there is some extra mass to shift as well.

However, if you are into lighter rim then Hope will not be the great option. As they can make certainly difference to how light your bike will feel and how easy it is to put the power down. So when you look at the word “Enduro” that these are marketed for, you need to have a think about what that means for you and where you ride. The extra weight on the wheel can make it tougher on the downhill-oriented durability scales. Unlike other rim we couldn’t dent or bend them, no matter how hard we tried.

However, every is designed to for different types of rider. If you are one of those people who are racing tired on fast, rocky terrain, so subtlety and finesse go right out of the window and your bike takes one hell of a beating. One thing interesting about Hope rim is that after going through that kind of extreme abuse didn’t phase the rims. After a check round with the spoke key then be ready for the next adventure.

Enduro rim


Thus in overall in terms of acceleration, weight saved on the rim is worth seven times than that from anywhere else, and the Hope’s spin up quickly and feel lively and accurate on the trail. On things that dissatisfy the view of the customer is that they do add a bit more weight to the bike.

Details of Hope Enduro Rim

Width: 23mm internal width

Material: Welded and eyeleted 6061 T6 aluminium rim
Cavity: Triple cavity construction for added strength
Stain: Black Sapim Race stainless steel double butted spokes
Nipples: Silver Brass nipples
Colors: Standard hubs available in Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Gunsmoke and Purple
Straight pull hubs only in Black

Other features:

Front wheels supplied with QR and 15mm conversions included (9 and 20mm conversions available separately)
Rear wheels supplied as 135mm QR (135×12 and 142x 12 conversions available separately)
32 hole Pro 2 EVO hubs
4 Pawl ratchet mechanism
Stainless Steel, sealed cartridge bearings
Rim ERD: 26″ 539 // 27.5″ 562 // 29″ 600
Weights for rim only 26″-490g, 27.5″-510g, 29″-540g
Compete standard wheel weights:
26″ F 911g R 1020g // 27.5″ F 923g R 1061g // 29″ F 962g R 1093g

Enduro rim
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Hope Tech Pedal Review

In the market Hope are well known for their mountain bike Gears. Every time they come with their modified and advance gears. Their products are manufactured and designed in house at the factory in Barnoldswick, United Kingdom. Now coming to the bike pedal review, it is quiet tough one, the choice these days is astounding, literally all shapes and sizes, and with prices ranging from the very reasonable reverse engineered far eastern products to ridiculous boutique offerings. Before buying pedal, what do we really need from a pedal? Grip, feel and robustness seem to fall high on the list of my criteria think wisely.

Coming back to Hope tech pedal, it is really beautifully made with fab anodised color options, excellent grip with wide, stable and secure pedalling podium. With sealed bearing and rock solid construction, they look set to last a very long time. Considering their size and strength, the weight of 200g per pedal is commendable. Traction was as good as with more concave pedals ⋅

Similar with other company Hope also has two types of pedal Flat and Clipless pedal. Hope’s F20 pedals offer a wide, solid and superbly grippy pedalling platform with excellent build quality and impressive weight. They’re pricey, though – and don’t plan to fit them in a rush. Meanwhile Clipless pedal’s cleat release is excellent; fully rebuildable; very little difference between the four- and five-degree cleats, so you can use both if you have more than one pair of riding shoes.

F20 flat pedal

Hope’s flat pedal is CNC machined out of aluminium with an anodised coating. These F20 flat was finished in one of six anodised colors, these wide flat pedals come festooned with 10-a-side holes for the included screw-in pins. Talking about the outer surface of the pedal it is contoured surface and shiny finish look impressive, and they’re available in six colors – black, silver, red, blue, purple and orange.

Likewise, the axle of this flat pedal is manufacture b the help of high-strength Chromoly which is then heat-treated and plated for maximum durability. As with any Hope product there’s an impressive amount of weatherproofing too; each pedal uses a Norglide bush and three cartridge bearings inside a fully sealed chamber; Hope states that this provides long-term durability and smoothness.

2020-hope-f20-pedals. Jpg


All of Hope’s pedal component are designed and manufactured at Barnoldswick Lancashire, United Kingdom. According to the maker each pedal uses a Norglide bush and three cartridge bearings in a fully sealed chamber to give a long smooth life. Adding to the weight of pedal then it weigh below 400g benchmark. Similarly, 385g weigh pedal actually came in a shade lighter than other pedal.

Flat pedal performance

Before going on the ride, you have to fit these pedal by yourself. On benefit of Hope flat pedal is that you can use any type of shoe, including trainers. Apart from that it also provides a greater range of foot position and rotation, ease of adjusting heels down, and quick and easy removal of your feet from the pedals.

The only problem of F20 is lengthy set-up but you can also ignore it if the F20s delivered class-leading amounts of grip on the trail. While doing that be careful that the traction is average when compared to the competition. In case if your pedal is lack of concavity within the CNCed body. Then your flat pedal shoes never conformed to the pedal’s shape to generate grip when rattling through rough terrain or sprinting to reach the next trail crest. Sauze-doulx-054. Jpg


Apart from that the shape of F20 pins doesn’t help things either, and their blunt, smooth profile means they don’t lock into even the grippiest rubber. So comparatively this pedal is great if you’re looking for a pedal that makes mid-trail shoe relocation easy, but ultimately it comes at the cost of all-important grip.

Thus, if you are in need of a pedal that makes mid-trail shoe relocation easy, but ultimately it comes at the cost of all-important grip. Meanwhile these pedals are also popular for being remarkable robustness. It’s worth stressing what the F20s be short of in grip is certainly made up for with top-end construct quality and best-in-class longevity.

Hope Clipless pedals

Hope Technology has added three clipless options to its previously flats-only mountain bike pedal range. According to the maker they utilize their all-new dual clip mechanism for this model. Hope’s three Union pedal RC, TC, and the GC had on test, and it’s designed to be the large plat formed trail pedal. These all have a fully CNC machined pedal body with 8 replaceable pins.

The stainless steel clip mechanism resembles some of Shimano’s offerings, but it’s very different in reality. Whereas the jaws are way more widely apart, meshing with a fatter cleat. The cleat of hope clipless pedal comes in two sets into the box one with 4° of float and the other with 5°. Both of the cleats offer 12° and 13° of release angle, and both allow 2mm of lateral float.

Word image 21600 3


Talking about Clipless pedal mechanism, that’s housed upon a fully CNC machined body that rotates around a heat-treated Cr-Mo axle. The new mechanism plan aims to offer easy pedal entry combined with secure cleat asset and positive discharge characteristics. The dual clip mechanism means the front clip can shift on pedal entrance to reduce the effort required to clip into the pedal.

As, it is kitted with three cartridge bearings and an IGUS bushing. According to the maker, hope’s pedal body has space for up to eight pins, four on either side. The pins are located to access the top and bottom, by the help of clout you can pedal properly. Likewise, the wider jaws makes easier to clip into the Hope Union Clip TC. Many riders also claimed that the mechanism works in a rather different way to the usual SPD pedal. The Hope Union Trail Clipless Pedal weight approx 437g and the Q-Factor is around 55mm. Likewise, the cleats are compatible with 2-hole SPD shoes, but not with other SPD pedals. Hope Clipless pedals performance

Hope Clipless pedals performance

The latest Union race, Union trail and Union Gravity clipless pedals for Hope Technology all run the same dual-clip mechanism. However, the entirely new clipless mechanism isn’t compatible with any other mountain bike cleat on the market.

a. Union Gravity clipless pedal

The Union Gravity clipless pedal comes with a weight around 498g. This model can run a Cr-Mo axle supporting the largest platform with 7 replaceable pins per side or the option of running foot plates. Gravity model offer the greatest contact area between the shoe and pedal, providing the greatest stability.

Hope-union-clip-pedal-gc-gravity-clip~2. Jpg


b. Union Race Clipless pedal

Comparing to other Clipless pedal the Hope Union RC is the lightest and smallest one. It can run titanium axle as standard. These pedals come with a weight around 324g. The lack of platform and pedal pins pushes this one towards the realms of XC and endurance racing.

56577. Jpg


C. Union Trail Clipless pedal

Comparing to Gravity and Race this Union runs a high strength Cr-Mo axle. The revised 4 replaceable pins per side get a larger platform for increased contact with the shoe sole and greater stability for more aggressive riding. Union trail Clipless pedal weigh a claimed 437g.

B24-8710-trail-black-1053126. Jpg


Coming back to the overall performance of Hope new Union clipless pedal it is solid performer with an excellent release feel. This time the work that clipping in with a similar release tension to other pedals feels harder, but once engaged they seem very familiar. A wide range of colors and serviceability makes them striking, even if the price is quite high. Comparing to other brand pedal, this pedal not only improve pedalling efficiency but also invariably allow a rider to put more power through the legs and feet and into the drive train of the bike. The more power transferred simply means more speed and faster times.

Price of Hope Tech Pedal

As of 2020, the average price of a guitar effects pedal in the U.S. experienced a generally increasing trend since 2005. In 2020, the guitar effects pedal around 102 U.S. dollars. However, the pedal varies with different materials and construction techniques. Hope pedal price comes with a premium price tag. Many people find Hope flat pedal quiet pricey however the workmanship and choice of material justify the high cost; the physical grip performance isn’t good enough to compete with grippier, cheaper options from other brands.

They charged around $180 / £140 per pedal. On the other hand the Hope Union Clipless Pedals cost different than flat. The Union Race Clipless pedal costs around £150, €185, $190 USD. Whereas, the Union Trail Clipless pedal is around £150, €185, $190 USD. And the Union Gravity Clipless pedal is around £160, €195, $200 USD. However, the price may be high as compare to other pedal but the design and component that Hope used will worth your money.