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DT Swiss Wheels & Components: Unrivaled Performance for Every Ride | LBS

Welcome to LBS, your trusted local bike shop and the premier destination for DT Swiss wheels and components. We take pride in offering an extensive selection of top-quality DT Swiss products, meticulously engineered for cyclists who demand the best for their bikes.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Bike with DT Swiss

Whether you’re upgrading your mountain bike (MTB), gravel bike, or road cycle, DT Swiss offers a range of products that cater to every cyclist’s needs. From the lightweight 27.5 wheelsets robust GRC 1400 gravel wheels, each DT Swiss component is designed with precision and a commitment to quality.

DT Swiss Wheelsets: Engineered for Excellence

Upgrade your ride with our selection of DT Swiss wheelsets. These wheelsets are not only tubeless-ready but also equipped with the patented Ratchet System technology, ensuring smooth and reliable performance on any terrain.

DT Swiss Hubs & Spokes: The Heart of Your Wheel

The DT Swiss hubs are renowned for their durability and smoothness, thanks to the RWS system and high-end 350 series hubs. Paired with DT Swiss spokes, which balance strength and flexibility, you can experience a ride that’s both stable and responsive.

Precision and Reliability in Every DT Swiss Rim

Every DT Swiss rim, from the lightweight alloy versions to the strong carbon models, is crafted to provide an optimal balance between weight and performance.

Components That Make a Difference

Beyond wheels, DT Swiss offers a variety of bike components that enhance your cycling experience. The DT Swiss freehub body is built to accommodate both SRAM and Shimano cassettes, ensuring compatibility with most drivetrains. The innovative XDR system is also available for those seeking a high-performance option.

DT Swiss – The Choice of Ambitious Cyclists

The gravel enthusiast to the DT Swiss 350 hubs for the road warrior, every product is a testament to Swiss engineering and innovation. Upgrade your hybrid, e-bike, or performance cycle with DT Swiss components for an unmatched ride quality.

Embrace the DT Swiss Difference with LBS

As an authorized dealer of DT Swiss products, LBS is committed to providing you with high-quality wheels and components. Shop our collection today and experience the difference that precision Swiss engineering can make on your ride.