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Experience the Thrill of the Ride with Velocity Bikes at LBS

Welcome to LBS – The Local Bike Shop, your premier destination for top-quality bicycles and gear. We’re excited to introduce the latest range of Velocity Bikes, a brand synonymous with speed, durability, and innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just beginning your biking journey, Velocity offers an unparalleled riding experience for everyone.

Discover Your Perfect Velocity Bike Model and Class

At LBS, we understand the importance of finding the right bike that fits your lifestyle and cycling goals. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of Velocity Bike models and classes, from road racers to mountain conquerors. Each bike is designed with the rider in mind, ensuring a seamless blend of performance and comfort.

Ride Local, Support Local – Your Local Bike Shop Awaits

As a full-service bike shop in Michigan, we take pride in serving our local community. We’re more than just a shop; we’re cyclists who share your passion for the open road and the great outdoors. When you choose LBS, you’re supporting a local business that’s dedicated to providing the best products and services for all your cycling needs.

Velocity Wheels – Spin with Confidence

Velocity wheels are engineered for excellence, offering both resilience and responsiveness. These hand-made bicycle rims are built to handle anything from city streets to rugged mountain trails. When you want to elevate your ride, Velocity wheels are the upgrade you need.

Full-Service Bike Shop: Expert Maintenance and Repair

Our full-service bike shop doesn’t just sell bikes; we maintain and repair them too. From basic tune-ups to complex overhauls, our professional team is equipped to keep your Velocity Bike in top condition. Our commitment to quality service means you can ride with confidence, knowing your bike is safe and performing at its best.

Shop Bikes, Shop Gear – Everything You Need for the Ultimate Cycling Experience

At LBS, we offer more than just bikes. Our selection of shop gear and accessories ensures that you’re fully equipped for every ride. Whether you need a new helmet, a set of lights, or the latest fitness tracking tools, we’ve got you covered.