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CeramicSpeed Shimano 11-speed Pulley Wheels: Alloy, Red


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  • Model: Pulley Wheels
  • Brand: CeramicSpeed
  • SKU #: DP0108
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 101694
  • UPC: 5711050004478
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Pulley wheels that reduce friction, last 3-5 time longer than stock high-end pulleys, and reduce overall drag within the drivetrain.

  • Grade 3 Silicon Nitride balls
  • Hand built in Denmark
  • These pulleys are compatible with all Shimano 11-speed rear derailleurs that aren’t XT or XTR
  • Precision machined aluminum pulleys
  • Hardened races

Fits Brand: Shimano
Drivetrain Speeds: 11

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