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Hope Technology: Engineering Excellence for Every Rider

Hope Technology has been designing and manufacturing exceptional bike components for decades, and their dedication to innovation is evident in every product. Whether you’re a mountain bike enthusiast tackling steep terrain or a casual rider seeking less maintenance and durability, Hope Tech provides the best in braking systems.

Master the Modulation with Hope Tech Levers

Experience the perfect lever action with Hope Tech’s ergonomic levers, engineered for both modulation and comfort. The Hope Tech 4 series levers offer a light lever feel with a customizable bite point, ensuring that riders with large hands or those who prefer a firmer lever feel can happily use these brakes.

Hope Tech’s Commitment: Precision and Durability

Every Hope Tech component, from the stainless steel pistons in the calipers to the braided hose, is designed for reduced friction and enhanced durability. The hydraulic systems feature internal sealing and roller bearings for a lower spring rate, ensuring that your brakes make the grade every time.

Unrivaled Stopping Power: Hope Tech Disc Brakes

The Hope Tech disc brakes are the heart of the braking system, offering riders an increase in power and control. With Hope’s racing compound pads and the easy bleed kit, maintenance is a breeze, and the performance is second to none.

Ride with Confidence: Hope Floating Rotors and Hubs

Enhance your ride with Hope floating rotors and hubs, designed to provide consistent braking points and prevent contaminate creep. The stainless steel design ensures maximum heat dissipation and a high-pitched, clear signal that your Hope Tech brakes are engaged.

Upgrade Your Bike with Hope Tech at LBS

Frame your ride with precision: Choose from a range of Hope Tech bike components, including robust frames that are the backbone of your bicycle’s performance.

Components that set the standard: Hope Tech’s attention to detail, from the master cylinder to the rotor, ensures every part contributes to a flawless riding experience.

LBS is your go-to destination for Hope Tech products. Our expert team is ready to help you modulate your ride with the finest braking systems and components. Visit our eCommerce store and transform your biking experience today with Hope Tech.