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Brake Pads

Hope Brake Pads are new on the scene but already have a lot to offer. With compounds for all weather, E-Bikes, and various bikes, we’ve got the perfect brake pads for you! We also have a full manufacturer’s warranty so you can rest assured that your investment is protected.

Hope has helped cyclists the world over achieve their dreams.

Our brake pads are made from the best quality metal and plastic to ensure that you have the best braking experience. You’ll never need to worry about your brakes again.

Hope Brake Pads are made of durable steel and a special type of high-friction material. This technology ensures that riders will stop safely no matter the terrain or weather. Our pads are manufactured with precision to ensure a perfect fit on each bicycle. They’re also designed to be easy to install and remove. These qualities, combined with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, make Hope Brake Pads the best choice for any rider.

Brake Pads Specifications:

  1. All brake pads are designed and dyno-tested in-house at Barnoldswick
  2. To ensure maximum performance and durability, all pads are rigorously tested by us and our Pro riders
  3. All types of Brake pads
  4. We provide all the hardware you need to install our brake pads
  5. Official Hope Brake pads to suit all their brakes.
  6. The metallic compound is stronger and more resistant to brake pads.
  7. Compatible with a variety of Hope brake models.
  8. All hardware, including retention pins and R-clips, are provided.

Brake Series: 

  1. Mono M4,
  2.  MONO TRIAL, 
  3. RX4 SRAM, 
  4. V2, 
  5. V4

Key Features

  1. All models are available in standard or sintered compounds
  2. Spring clips and pins are included in brake pads
  3. In Barnoldswick, brake pads are dyno tested
  4. Suitable for all of our current brakes as well as older models
  5. Emissions of noise are reduced
  6. The braking performance is excellent
  7. Wear and tear is minimal


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Don’t waste money on after-market brake pads that don’t fit. These are Hope manufactured brake pads guaranteed to fit Hope brakes. Alternatively, they are also compatible with other brands of brakes, but fitment cannot be guaranteed. So please do your research.