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Tech 4 X2 – No Rotor – Black Hose (Silver)

Available in seven color accent options


Brand: Hope

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The all new Tech 4 X2 builds on our 25+ years’ experience designing and manufacturing hydraulic brake systems. The Tech 4 uses all new internal sealing for reduced friction and the pivot spins on roller bearings, allowing the spring rate to be reduced. The lower spring rate in turn gives a lighter lever action, reducing rider fatigue and keeping our legendary feel and modulation. Combine this with an updated X2 Postmount or Flatmount caliper a lightweight adjustable brake.

  • Increased power versus Tech 3
  • Lever shape updated to provide a more ergonomic shape orientated to provide the best mechanical advantage during braking.
  • Hinged clamp reducing weight and ergonomics
  • Shifter integration improved for more adjustability
  • Tool free bite point and reach adjustments
  • Rigid CNC’d one piece caliper
  • Compatible with a wider range of current shifter options
  • Complete brake available in Black or Silver with colour accent options of; Black, silver, purple, red, blue, or orange.
  • Postmount and Flatmount options available
  • Choose either standard or braided hose (braided hose is an extra cost)

“Lightweight adjustable brake”

  • 30% pressure increase compared with the Tech 3 brake
  • Hinged clamp design to reduce weight and reservoir area increased to lower overall stack height.
  • Shifter integration has been improved and now offers 30° of angle adjustment as well as neater packaging and compatibility with the latest shifters. Lateral adjustment on both sides of the master cylinder is also possible to give a wide range of lever position options.
  • The Tech 4 retains the tool-free bite point and reach adjustments from the Tech 3
  • All Tech 4 brakes are supplied with new racing compound pads. 

Flatmount Caliper Mount options:

Mount Z: Required to fit the X2 FM caliper onto Front Flatmount standard and use a Ø160 disc – Front Flatmount standard is typically found on road/gravel/CX forks
Mount Y: Required to fit the X2 FM caliper onto Rear Flatmount standard using Ø160 disc – Rear Flatmount std is typically found on the back of some road/grave/CX frame but also lately on light XC frames
The caliper will also fit directly on Flatmount rear standard using a Ø140 disc.
For more information please see our guides in the manuals and diagrams section.
**Note** – The Flatmount X2 caliper is designed for use with the Hope Tech 4, Tech 3, XCR Pro and Tech/Tech Evo levers only.

Additional information

Package Weight 2 lbs
Package Dimensions 9 × 9 × 3 in

Hose Options


Silver/Black, Silver/Blue, Silver/Bronze, Silver/Orange, Silver/Purple, Silver/Red, Silver/Silver

Lever Position

L/H Front Black Hose, R/H Rear Black Hose